Kuribandit in Dragons of Legend.


Effect: During the End Phase, if this card was Normal Summoned this turn: You can Tribute this card; excavate the top 5 cards of your Deck, you can add 1 excavated Spell/Trap Card to your hand, also send the remaining cards to the Graveyard.

I have a feeling that this card is going to be ridiculous…

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Yes I’m still upset after this whole time. Don’t judge me.

Jar of Greed

Trap Card; Draw 1 card from your Deck.

Is it just me or do you think the whole fad of using Upstart Goblin and Reckless Greed is a little old? I’m not a fan of allowing my opponent to gain Life Points only to draw 1 extra card. You’ll end up working twice as hard to bring them down afterwards. People say you play a "37" card deck when you play Upstart, but you’re forgetting that in order to play a 37 card deck, you’re going to be playing an opponent with 11000 Life Points. It’s an alright card, but if you truly want to play a “37” card deck, just play Jar of Greed. It’s arguably better, if not the same. For one, you don’t lose advantage when it comes to Life Points. Two, it’s a chainable Trap Card, so when your opponent Mystical Space Typhoons it, you chain, you lose nothing, while your opponent goes -1. Three, it creates bluff, so it scares your opponent to being more cautious than they need to, when in reality, it’s just a Jar of Greed. The only down side to this card is that it requires it to be set, which is absolutely fine, because if you were top-decking, you’d be screwed either way.

What do you guys think?


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You Raise Many Good Points

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