Secret of Evolution goes for Eternal name change


The Secret of Evolution in the OCG will now be known as Secret of Eternity in the TCG and its set to launch in early 2015. Coming out of this spoiler, we have a few names to drop:

Ancient archetypes are getting an ARC V spin on them!

Mentioned in the post below, Dragunity is getting new support as well as…. drum roll…. Volcanics, Morphtronics, Wind Ups, Gem Knights and more

Fuck yes

So guys, it’s been a while. I’m back now (kinda), with that list we’ve all been wanting to see. It’s actually a more exciting list than the past few that we’ve been getting since that giant list that banned and limited everything last year. Let’s start with Forbidden, well, we have nothing. No surprise there, nothing was broken or OP.

Moving on to Limited (to 1), we have Glow-Up Blub, like, wtf? I honestly would have never guessed this card’s return because they already made a watered-down version of it - Re-Cover, but whatever, at least we can see some insane Synchro plays again. Next is Infernity Archfiend, sorry bro, you had to get hit because you won Worlds. This shocked the entire country, it’s Raigeki. No one guessed this card, we thought this was going to stay banned forever, but I’m honestly excited for it, not even fearing it, because we should already be used to full field nukes, you know what I mean? I hope you’re happy people, now stop complaining about Soul Charge, it is now at 1. SC wasn’t that great, I liked with because it opened new doors for older decks or decks that never made it to the competitive scene into the public’s eye. Super Polymerization goes to 1, I can’t say I am surprised. This card is actually one of those win conditions that allow you to sack your opponent and then slap them in the face for more insult to injury. 

Next is the Semi Limited part, starting off with Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind to 2, which follows the OCG list. I’m glad Gale is back, I really like this guy, he was the Tuner to go to in BWs, not only that, he is a built in Shrink. BW is almost at full power, guys, let’s see how far they will go with their Tuner at 2. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, gets me screaming Yes inside my head. I absolutely love Gorz, ever since the OCG got him to 2 then later 3, it got me wanting to play under the OCG list, this is golden, so watch out for those open field attacks. Ceasefire to 2 is understandable, it’s a great card since it stops Flip effects, and can deliver the final blow for game under the right circumstances. Last one for Semi-Limited is The Transmigration Prophecy. It’s a great card, but no one pays attention to it. That is all.

Unlimited goes Coach Soldier Wolfbark. Will Fire Fists make a comeback? I’m excited for this guy, he is what gives Fire Fists that extra push for pressue during late game. Magician of Faith to 3, no one cares. But wait, we have Raigeki back, don’t overlook this girl. Formula Synchron to 3 is making me think about how Monarchs used to do it, especially with Glow-Up Bulb back (oh, shoot). I think the most broken of all is Reinforcement of the Army at 3. Consistency to Warriors! Congrats Satellaknights, HEROs, and Battlin Boxers (wait… no one plays that), you get consistency plus 3! 

October 2014 Forbidden & Limited List (runs through December)


Glow-Up Blub
Infernity Archfiend
Soul Charge
Super Polymerization

Semi Limited:
Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
The Transmigration Prophecy

Coach Soldier Wolfbark
Magician of Faith
Formula Synchron
Reinforcement of the Army


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-The Monarchs Storm Forth-

My new favorite card. This card single handedly opens new doors for Advance Summoning decks. It’s near identical to Soul Exchange, except it can only be activated once per turn, which is all you really need, and can only be used for a Tribute Summon. Soul Exchange is only better in a way where you can use Enemy Controller to tribute your opponent’s monsters for another monster they control, which is so very mean. This card is used a lot like Soul Exchange except you get to keep your Battle Phase, which is a big thing for decks like Monarchs, we want to push fast for damage after plussing. This card is way too good, only because using your opponent’s monsters as tribute is sad to see, but very rewarding. Another plus side is that it does not Target! An example of this would be playing against Blackwings, if you were using Soul Exchange, it would require targeting, which could be countered with Icarus Attack, then you don’t have anymore tribute fodder. Which makes you go neg 1. This card is amazing, and gives great support to the Monarch deck. Go give it a try.


prepare to be sent to the shadow realm 

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Flipping the Table

When the heart of the cards fail me.



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